Award-winning blockage preventing, drainage solution for refrigeration and HVAC systems

100% safe and proven to reduce water leaks by 97% or higher.

Award-Winning Solutions

Passive Action Polymer Technology

Functionalizes the polymer surface by modifying the physical property of the material. Relying on a combination of electrostatic repulsion, low surface energy and hydrophobic repulsion.

100% Safe

The technology doesn’t contain toxic substances, no biocides, no silver, no triclosan, no nano-materials or any other harmful chemicals.

Biocompatible Technology

We use the natural trace element ZINC, identified as an element of biological importance. Found in your food, needed in your daily diet and vital for the human immune system.

Reduce build-up and slime caused by bacteria

Biofilm and slime build-up can be a nuisance in pipes and hoses, causing blockages and water leaks. This technology makes it a thing of the past.

The technology used in our products is patented worldwide, using technology created by nature, non-toxic, bio-compatible with no migration… making it 100% Safe.

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