Solutions supporting the “Three Rs” of Sustainability

Celanese proudly supports the “Three Rs” of Sustainability (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), but also believes that the Single Use Plastic (SUP) global initiative is going to require additional sustainable solutions to address this challenge. This is where Celanese’s BioPolymer Solutions provide alternatives for those looking for both bio-based and biodegradable options to support their sustainability objectives. When it comes to biodegradability, it is important that product solutions only break down into natural materials that are not harmful to the environment.

Anti-Fog Film for Freezer Doors that Saves Energy and Increase Sales

Reach-in display freezers often fog when the doors are opened and closed in a busy retail environment. Customers cannot see the merchandise on display and as a result, sales can significantly suffer. Clarifoil® Anti-Fog film applied on the inside surface of the door prevents fogging and maintains glass transparency enabling customers to clearly see the merchandise on offer.

Maintaining the Clarity of the Glass

Additionaly, the vast majority of retail freezer doors are equipped with electrical glass heaters and anti-sweat controls to maintain the clarity of the glass. Clarifoil® Anti-Fog film is designed to significantly reduce the power required by up to 6kWh per door per day.

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