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Our diverse offerings range from LED lighting for your display cases to revolutionary anti-clogging piping technology meant to reduce maintenance calls for your condensate drains. Explore below to see what all MPH Global has to offer.

Back of Facility

Energy-saving solutions for cold rooms and more. Click here to see our featured product!

Closed Refrigerated Cases

A closed case doesn't mean "case closed" for your energy saving potential. Click here to see our featured product!

Dry Goods

Want your sales to grow while your energy bill shrinks? Click here to see our featured lighting product!

Frozen Doors

Fog-free doors to make your products pop. Click here to see our featured product!

Meat & Seafood

Colder means fresher, fresher is better. Click here to see our featured product!

Open Refrigerated Cases

Clean up your display, extend your product life, and save some money while you do it. Click here to see our featured product!

Specialty Cases

Poor condensate drainage got you down? This featured product prevents clogs (and headaches). Click here to see this revolutionary technology!

Wet Rack Produce

Salads gone soggy before the expiration date again? Our featured product keeps your case temps in check while reducing your kWh consumption. Click here to learn more!

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We have ROI calculators for Clarifoil Anti-Fog Film and Aerofoil Shelf-Edge Technology, and more are in development. Calculate your estimated project costs and potential savings.

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