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A Brief History of MPH Global

Founded in 2017 by Owner and President Matt Pletcher, MPH Global began with the simple plan of being a distributor of a few well-established energy-efficient technologies for grocery store application. Matt worked to drive sales, while his son Dylan, a junior at Indiana University at the time, handled the back-end of the business.

Fast forward to 2023, and MPH Global has grown to directly represent seven different companies with dozens of different technology offerings under their respective umbrellas. MPH now has significantly grown its footprint in the US and has a established a presence in the entire greater North American region, spanning from Canada all the way through Central America and the Caribbean.

Our Mission

Inspired by Yvon Chouinard – Founder of Patagonia

We begin with the premise that all life on Earth is facing a critical time, during which survivability will be the issue that increasingly dominates public concern. Where survivability is not the issue, the quality of life may be, as well as the decline in environmental health and the loss of cultural diversity.

The root causes of this situation stem from our economic system and corporate values, largely the valuing of short-term profit over other considerations like quality and sustainability. Our core value is to operate fully aware of these conditions and assure our corporate values are in compliance with the vision for a greener future.

We strive to build this company upon the following four ideological pillars

Minimize Environmental Impact

We will continuously seek new ways to minimize our environmental impact.

Sell Durable Solutions

We will only sell solutions that are durable, never building anything to fail fast and be replaced.

Support Community

We will strive to be an integral component to the community around us.

Achieve Sustainable Growth

We will always seek growth, but not at any cost.

This list of values and ambitions may grow and change, but the core sentiment will not:

We seek to leave this world a better place than we found it.

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