Knowledge, Support, and Installation

At MPH Global, we don’t simply sell you the solution and move on, leaving you to figure everything out for yourself after the point of sale. An in-depth knowledge of our solution is required by all team members. This allows us to guide and support our customers on any questions that arise before, during, or after our energy-efficiency upfit of your store. Moreover, our network of professional installers with over fifty years of industry-specific experience gets the installation done right the first time and goes above and beyond by educating the store-level staff on functionality and maintenance of these new technologies.

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Project Management

Our dedicated team of project managers works diligently to ensure a timely and effective installation on the first go around. They communicate with purchasing teams, energy managers, and merchandisers alike in order to make the project work for all parties, while their coordination with the install teams and store-level management makes sure there is no disruption to your customers’ shopping experience.

Energy Improvement Audits

Looking to upfit your store, reduce your carbon footprint, or improve your overall efficiency, but you’re not sure where to get started? MPH Global is here to help. We offer a detailed, full-facility audit for your stores where we note merchandising shortfalls, energy inefficiencies, potential for product waste, and more. From there, we can tailor a custom-built proposal with our reccomended solutions and strategies for catapulting your store into a greener, more efficient, and more profitable future.

This process ties in neatly with our Rebate-Writing and Project Financing options, as our tailored solution can go to your utility provider as a custom energy-saving project – allowing you to tap in to huge rebates. All the while, we’ve partnered with the only B-corp certified energy efficiency project investor NEIF┬áto offer as low as zero-down project financing. Keep reading the sections below to learn more.

Rebate Writing

MPH Global’s suite of energy-efficient solutions taps into utility-provided rebates in a few ways:

Prescriptive Rebates

Rebates written by a utility for a specific solution; i.e. $0.11 for each kWh reduced by installing Aerofoils in your store. This approach is great for a wider rollout of a product throughout your entire estate, as these sorts of programs are easier to translate from one utility provider to the next.

Custom rebates (single product)

If your utility does not yet have a rebate program for one or more of our solutions, then we can take the approach of getting a custom rebate written for the initial project and roll it into a prescriptive rebate over time.

Custom rebate (grouped)

If you’ve decided to bundle multiple solutions into one project, MPH Global will work with your utility provider to create a custom rebate package based on the total kWh reduction of the project. This typically yields the biggest rebate amount.

Project Financing

Love the idea of improving your store’s efficiency, but are you having trouble justifying the up-front spend on the investment?

MPH Global offers project financing through a nation-wide network of financing partners focused on green and energy efficiency projects. In a world with rising interest rates, we are able to get creative in ways that offer you zero-down and zero-interest packages that maintain positive cash flow from day one.

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