Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions

Aerofoil-Energy technology is installed all over the world, helping to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, and delivering significant financial benefits.

Core Benefits

  • Improves food quality – keeps products cooler
  • Reduces food waste – keeps products in their required temperature range, even in highly-trafficked cases
  • Reduces energy consumption – cases operate more efficiently
  • Reduces energy expenditure – kWh reduction means dollars saved
  • Reduces carbon footprint – lower energy consumption means a cleaner, brighter future

Control the air curtain to prevent cold air spill

70% of the energy used by open fridges is for generating and maintaining the cold-air curtain. Much of this cold air spills out of the cabinet and into store aisles, which has a negative impact on shoppers and the environment. The Aerofoil technology can be retrofit to open cabinets to help control the air curtain and reduce case energy consumption by up to 25%.

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We have ROI calculators for Aerofoil Shelf-Edge Technology, and more are in development. Calculate your estimated project costs and potential savings.

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